18 Disember 2009

Plans for building an incubator(Makasih AmmaR)


Assembly The assembly instructions are simple and the lettered sketches help to hasten the
completion of the unit.
Drill a 3/4 inch hole one inch from bottom of end A. Drill a 3/4 inch hole 2 inches from top of
end B. These are ventilation holes. Also drill a hole large enough for the adjustment knob
shaft of the Heating Unit.
1.Attach end pieces A and B to bottom C by screws
2. through bottom. Sketch 1
3. Fasten back piece D to bottom C and ends A and B. Sketch 2
4.Fasten tray slides E and F to inside surface of ends A and B 6 1/2 inches from bottom.
Sketch 3
5.Fasten inner front trim G and H and inner top trim I and J to ends A and B 7/8 inch from
edge. Sketch 4
6. Install glass front light Q. Fasten by attaching front outer trim pieces K and L. Sketch 5
7.Install glass top piece R. Protect glass edge by application of strip of electrical tape. Fasten
light by attaching outer trim pieces M and N.
8.Fasten back piece O to ends A and B flush with top of ends. Attach metal door catch to
piece O so that when pivoted it will hold door closed.
9. Attach door piece P with hinges. Sketch 7
10.Assemble egg tray by fastening sides to ends T and U with screws through sides V and W.
Fasten hardware cloth to bottom. Sketch 6
11.Attach buttons X and Y on outside of ends so they may be used to cover or partially cover
ventilation holes.
12. Install the heating unit. Sketch 8.
13. Apply two coats of varnish, inside and out.

Material List

The material and parts list for the incubator contains the following items:
1 pc 1/2" plywood 12"x14" End Part A
1 pc 1/2" plywood 12"x14" End Part B
1 pc 1/2" plywood 12"x16" Bottom Part C
1 pc 1/2" plywood 2 1/2"x16" Back Part D
1 pc 1/2" plywood 8"x16" Door Part P
1 pc 1/2" plywood 4"x16" Back Part O
2 pcs 1/2" quarter
round 10" Tray Slides Part E and F
2 pcs 1/2" plywood 10" Inner Front Trim Part G and H
2 pcs 1/2" plywood 13" Inner Top Trim Part I and J
2 pcs 1/2" plywood 10 1/2" Outer Front Trim Part K and L
2 pcs 1/2" plywood 12 1/2" Outer Top Trim Part M and N
1 pc 3/16" window
glass 13 1/2"x14 3/4" Front Lights Part Q
1 pc 3/16" window
glass 11 1/2"x14 3/4" Top Lights Part R
2 hinges 1 1/2" minimum with 1/2" screws
Metal door catch-pivot type
1 pkg. 3/4" brads or nails
2 1/2 dz. flat head wood screws #7 x 1 1/4" long
1 pint marine varnish 1 pc 1/2" hardware cloth-10 x 15"
2 pcs 3/4" x 2" x 9"
2 pcs 1/2" plywood
2 pcs 1/2" plywood
1 pc. electrician's tape l0" long
Tray bottom Part S
Tray ends T and U
2"x14 5/8" tray slides Part V and W
l"x2" Ventilator Buttons Part X x Y 1 cake or pie pan 8" round or square--to be used as a water pan
1 pc No. 14 lamp cord 6' long
1 male electric plug
1 micro switch, holder, and the thermostat wafer of the type used in chicken brooders-obtainable
from hatcheries, mail order houses, farm supply stores, and incubator sources listed in Table 3 on
page 6.
2 flat base porcelain lamp sockets with attachment screws
2 75 watt light bulbs
1 pc No. 14 plastic coated wire 5' long
2 solderless connectors
1 small alcohol thermometer
1 pc stiff cardboard 4"x6"

sketch 1(front)

sketch 2(back)

sketch 3 (side)

sketch 4

sketch 5

sketch 6 (egg tray)

sketch 7 (back view)

sketch 8 (heating unit)

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